Utility contractors and construction companies

construction staking / monitoring

For the most accurate and affordable construction staking contact Nebraska Land Surveying, LLC. With 35 years of experience in construction staking, the latest technology and equipment, Nebraska Land Surveying, LLC can lay out your proposed infrastructure in the most efficient manner possible, saving you and your client money and time.

Available Services

land developers

subdivisions and plats

New plats and subdivisions need someone that knows the rules and procedures needed for a timely and smooth transition from the planning stage to the final product. Nebraska Land Surveying LLC can take your idea and make it happen with the most efficient use of land while  meeting all of the City or County requirements.

Title Companies

Mortgage surveys / alta acsm

New home owners don't always know they should have their dream home surveyed, but it's a good idea just to make sure there won't be any problems in the future. The cost of a mortgage survey compared to legal fees is very small for the peace of mind it provides.


Land Owners

Existing and New Boundaries

Nebraska Land Surveying LLC will locate your existing property lines according to your Deed as recorded in the county courthouse. This is important if you are planning on adding a fence or other semi-permanent structure close to or on your property line.

 If you are planning on splitting an existing parcel for the purpose of property transfer or estate planning, Nebraska Land Surveying LLC will locate your existing boundary and monument all new division lines. This will include a legal description for all newly created parcels to be included in deeds of transfer to be filed in the county courthouse.